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by - November 26, 2021

As we all know, online shopping has been more of a craze since last year and no matter what brand or product you're looking for, you can be certain that Shopee has them. :) That's one of the reasons why it's my go-to e-commerce site and truly can't imagine not having it in my life now.

Speaking of products, I've recently shopped for some Careline Cosmetics via Shopee because i've been curious about their stuff because I saw and heard some good reviews from friends before. Sharing here what I got. :)

 I know we've all been wearing masks all the time. But I still enjoy fixing myself from time to time when at home or when we do get to go out, so trying new makeup is fun for me. :) Are you the same?

Careline Blythe Lip Treat and Careline Oil Control Blush-On

Blythe Lip Treat is enriched with Vitamin E which helps moisturize your lips. It is buttery smooth and pigmented, lightweight and non-drying. It feels very comfortable on the lips, making it perfect for everyday wear. It smells like vanilla too!

The Oil Control Blush-on delivers a natural flush to skin; provides a gorgeous radiance to cheeks; non-sticky texture adheres closely to skin to minimize fallout; features a range of shades to suit every skin tone

Careline Skin Hero Set

A 4-step skin care solution with skin-loving formulas which works to hydrate, smoothen, brighten, and treats your skin! Keep your skin healthy and blemish-free with this Skin Hero products enriched with Aha + Bha + Pha + Niacinamide that improves the skin tone and texture.

Careline BB Cream Whitening 

I honestly got this because the concealer shade I wanted was sold-out when I was browsing their store. But now they actually restocked haha, so I might give this away. ;) 

Careline Blythe Eyeliner Duo and Careline Blythe Starlight Eyes 

Been always curious about this line of Careline and I can't resist anything shiny, quirky and easy to use, so got these three eye makeup. :) Its been a while since I experimented on eye makeup, so pardon my skills or lack off LOL. =P 

The star stamp is such a winner! So, even if I'm sporting that face mask, my eyes be shimmering and quirky with stars hihi.★ Just a little note that it comes off easily when you wipe it. :)

Careline Stain Lip Gloss

I'm into lip gloss lately and every time I see one from brands, I immediately get one. This one from Careline is no brainer. The minimalist packaging instantly caught my attention and the fact that 10.8K people checked this out on Shopee is already enough for me. :)

For Php 165 it's good. It isn't that heavy or sticky on the lips and I can imagine using it often. Has a good shine as well.

And that wraps up my Careline Cosmetics mini haul! In case you missed out on the last 11.11 sale, I saw that they're still have some deals waiting for you! 

Check their official store on Shopee to see more! 

★  ★

Artsy Ava

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