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by - March 28, 2022

There’s no doubt that a mom's embrace is the most comfortable. Huggies is designed with exactly that in mind - the comfort of a mother's hug. So your baby can feel comfortable and protected at all times. Huggies is continually innovating to make it easier and more convenient to clean up after your baby.

Here to help you provide love and support for your baby, Huggies are what parents want and what babies need! The best deals available only on Shopee Mom's Club! Sign up here:

1. Huggies Dry Diapers Newborn 40 pcs x 2 Packs: By reducing wetness and prevents skin irritation, Huggies Dry Diapers Newborn has a 100% breathable outer cover that allows for better airflow, helping keep baby’s skin dry and healthy.


2. Huggies Clean Care Baby Wipes 80 sheets x 3 packs: Designed to clean your baby in just one or two wipes, Huggies Clean Care Baby Wipes are thick, soft, and absorbent!


3. Huggies Dry Pants XL 60 pcs x 2 packs: With a 4-way design for complete baby comfort, Huggies Dry Pants is NEW and IMPROVED to help prevent diaper rash with a 100% Breathable Cover that allows comfortable movement!


For baby's extra likot and kulit, Huggies is designed to keep your baby comfortable and protected at all stages. Avail of exclusive discounts up to 15% off only on Shopee Mom's Club this March 28

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