Familiar With Any Of These Schemes? Here's What You Should Do

by - April 13, 2023

As cashless transactions continue to make its way into the daily lives of Filipinos, it’s now more important for them to stay vigilant and proactive about online security. And as the country’s leading digital wallet, GCash has stayed at the forefront of the security of its over 79 million users.

While scams continue to populate through SMS, emails, and calls, GCash is encouraging its customers to be mindful of what they do, open, and respond to.

Received a link? Don’t open it

Scammers try to entice individuals to open links, claiming that doing so will allow them access to prizes, discounts, and other promotions. In reality, these links will pull personal details from those who open them, and scammers will then use the data to gain access to unsuspecting individuals’ accounts.

To help its users against this, GCash has removed all links in its communications, which means that any message that users receive that contain links are not official. GCash reminds its users not to open any links, no matter the situation.

Got a call from an unknown number? Be careful

Oftentimes, online scams involve receiving a call from an unknown number. The person on the other end will claim to be from GCash, and will be ask the recipient of the call to share their information in order to proceed with a supposed “security check.”

However, true GCash representatives will only get in touch with users through official channels. Personal numbers that show up are not from GCash, so the country’s digital wallet advises its users to also verify their callers and stay vigilant.

See a deal that’s too good to be true? Think twice before you buy

Some online sellers showcase lower prices than their “competitors” in order to lure potential victims to send payments for fake or low quality products.

That’s why GCash urges its users to be proactive when they come across these types of sellers by checking reviews and ratings of the online shop. If ratings or reviews are low, it might be a bogus operation.

GSafeTayo because online safety is everyone’s responsibility

GCash understands that online security is everyone’s responsibility. So as GCash reminds its users to stay vigilant and proactive in the online space, it’s also taking proactive steps to make sure its security measures remain top notch.

Most recently, GCash has unveiled its DoubleSafe feature. On top of consolidating all transaction messages in-app and removing full name displays on its “Send Money” feature, DoubleSafe ensures

 that only the owner has access to their account through facial recognition. For every log in to a new device, GCash will scan the user’s face to ensure this is the same as the owner’s face when verifying their account.

And if any users experience suspicious activity from suspected scammers, GCash urges them to report the experience to Gigi via the GCash Help Center in the GCash App. Simply go to the GCash app and tap "Help." You then click Chat with Gigi, and choose "I want to report a scam.

About GCash
GCash (G-Xchange, Inc.) is the #1 Finance App in the Philippines. Through the GCash App, 79M registered users can easily purchase prepaid airtime; pay bills at over 1,600 partner billers nationwide; send and receive money anywhere in the Philippines, even to other bank accounts; purchase from over 5.2M partner merchants and social sellers; and get access to savings, credit, loans, insurance and invest money, and so much more, all at the convenience of their smartphones. GCash is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mynt (Globe Fintech Innovations, Inc.), the first and only duacorn in the Philippines.

GCash was recognized by The Asian Banker (TAB) and by the IDC in 2021 for its outstanding digital financial inclusion programs.

For more information, please contact:
Gilda Patricia Maquilan
VP for Corporate Communications
Email Address: corpcomm@gcash.com | Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gcashofficial

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