Now You Can Finally Show Off Your Clear and Pimple-Free Skin with Lactezin

by - April 15, 2023

Feel confident in your own skin with a proven solution that effectively treats and prevents pimples.


Everyone knows the path to achieving clear, pimple-free skin is a long and winding road. Most use a skincare regimen consisting of topical solutions, like toners and creams, to keep acne at bay. But these solutions don’t really target the root of the problem, which can totally deflate a person's confidence and sense of self. After wearing a mask for almost three years, showing off a bare face can sometimes be uncomfortable. After all, pimples and the marks they leave behind can have a person feeling frustrated. Because when you feel and look your best, don't you feel like you can give your all and do your best? It's time to put your #BestFaceForward and go after your goals!


In order to tackle the main problem, one has to start from the inside out. How can Filipinos achieve pimple-free skin and have the confidence to show off their fully competent selves?

Lactezin, a clinically proven and over-the-counter anti-pimple capsule, has been helping Filipinos for nearly 7 years to reduce their acne problems in as early as 2 weeks. Unlike topical solutions, with continued intake, Lactezin works from within to help control and prevent pimples from coming back.


It has these tried and tested ingredients that effectively stop pimples in their tracks:

• LACTOFERRIN: To fight acne bacteria, reduce inflammation, and reduce redness
• ZINC: Reduce oil and smoothes the skin.
• VITAMIN E: To maintain moisture, keep skin healthy and supple, protect the skin from UV photo damage, and regulate collagen.


To use Lactezin, take two capsules daily--one in the morning and one at night. 


Now you can achieve pimple-free, clear skin that fully shows your confident self. It's finally time to put your best face forward without acne keeping you from going after your goals. Upgrade your skincare routine with Lactezin by logging onto LazadaShopeeUlssi Webstorand in Drugstores and Beauty stores nationwide. 


 It’s time to put your #BestFaceForward and achieve long-lasting, pimple-free skin. TAKE BACK CONTROL with LACTEZIN. When you take control of pimples, you take control of your life. Fully show your competent self with Lactezin #ThePimpleExpert.

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