Bazaar OTD: Day 1 & 2

Had my first major bazaar ever with my Mom this weekend and I'm quite happy with how it turned o...

Had my first major bazaar ever with my Mom this weekend and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. The experience was worth it and I can't wait tell you guys more about it! But for now, here's what I wore last Saturday and Sunday. :)

Day 1




top: taiwan
leggings: sm
shoes: manels
feather earring: c/o iza artillero

For day one, I wanted to wear something comfortable since it was a bazaar and I would be manning our booth but at the same time still stylish, so I went for a loose lace top, leggings and my edgy buckle shoes from Manels. :) But the show stopper for the day was my feather cuff earring. Almost everyone I knew said it was cute. Love it! Thank you again, Iza for my earring!!^_^

Day 2





top: courtesy of penshoppe
skirt: f21
shoes: shop dainty
feather earring: courtesy of iza artillero

Yesterday I was honestly lazy to dress up. I was still too tired from Day one due to the all the preparations and I only had 2 hours worth of sleep, so wore the first thing that came to mind and it was a skirt and top. Added a few of my favorite accessories to give it a little life. :)

I also learned from the event that some people actually recognize me because of my feather earring! haha! I find that really amusing. :)

Well, back to reality. School mode once more. Can't wait to blog about the bazaar!;)

Have a good week, everyone!

x A.F.A.

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  1. kagigil si athan avs! hahahaa kyot!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit for day two VERY NICEx
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xxxxxx

  3. the earcuffs/earrings are really pretty! =)

  4. Hi Ava nice meeting you and Melai in person. Your so pretty and very friendly :) At first nahiya nga akong lumapit sa inyo pero sabi ko kailangan kitang ma meet.

    I love your outfit. Take care:)


  5. You look so cute, Ava! And the feather earring cuff is amazeballs. Too bad I didn't get to drop by the bazaar. :(

  6. Love the skirt from Day 2 also the feather earrings!!! I got one too similar to yours hehe. =)

  7. love both outfits! you always look cool ava! hope to meet you real soon! muah!

  8. yea, those feather earrings have become your trademark nga! :) love day 2 outfit. sayang i wasnt able to go, i was really planning on passing by but nikola got sick. she's ok na now though :)

  9. Aww, I love your earrings Ava! :)

  10. cute outfits! you work that manels booties;)-Cheryl

  11. Awww lookit Athan peeking from the 2nd photo. Cute! :)

    And you're one stylish momma. :)

  12. Love that cuff earrings :)

    I should've dropped by! I was craving for some cupcakes last weekend, and I saw your cute cupcakes only in photos.

  13. loving your outfits! but I have to say I am going gaga over your Day 1 ensemble! so chic!

  14. the colorful feather earrings has really become your trademark, hasn't it? you look so cute w/ it kasi! :D

    boat ride through the sky

  15. LOVE both outfits! you look lovely Ava! And both your shoes are great!:)

  16. i love both your shoes. def my type of shoes.

    followed you. :)

  17. Babe ikaw na ikaw na talaga ang may trademark na feather earrings. Lavet! :P Miss you!!

  18. Feather earrings have become your trademark. :)


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