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Joined a couple of bazaars this year and I can't thank my Beb Ana enough for exposing me to the bazaar world. She would let me join her booth from time to time and I wouldn't have known what to do if it weren't for the experience she gave me. So, when I finally had the chance to have my first ever major bazaar two weeks ago (overdue post!!) at the ETC Glam Camp, you could say I was semi-ready for the people and booth preparations with the big help of my Mom, of course. :)

The place was already familiar to me since I live close by, but I never realized that The Tents Alphaland actually had a venue for events like these...



The event was also packed with big and amazing sponsors such as Close Up, Century Tuna, Wi-Tribe, Skin White and more!


Since my Mom and I focused on food to be a bit different. We stayed together with the other food booths at the "Cafeteria" area. :)

me and mom manning our booth
For day one, I didn't really know what to expect because it was our first major bazaar and second the people were quite few when it started, but luckily late afternoon, more people started coming in and I'm SO fortunate to have supportive friends, readers and new found friends who bought from our booth!^_^


First time to meet Brie even though I already tweeted her before regarding winning the Glam Camp exclusive invite, but she was already picked by Denise, so I had to let go. But meeting her was a pleasure! She's a sweet and pretty girl!


With Maris and Denise!

With Dewi and Beb Ana!

Vern also dropped by the bazaar and bought our best seller, Chocolate chip cookies. I was happy to see a few of my blog friends that day. :)


Jen, Rache and Kai( don't have picture with you :() also dropped by and I met Jen's super sweet and pretty little girl, Sophie!^_^


For day two, we still had the same baked goodies, but added some pink cupcakes! We also changed our table cloth. Notice the difference?:)


A few bloggers and friends also dropped by during day two, like Diane and her ever so cute baby!


I'm sure some of you want to see the different fashion booths there, so here are some of my favorite stores...

Ana and Krissy's Fashion Compass booth! I got a skull bracelet from Ana!:) Super cute!



Pink Pum Accessories. I absolutely love their shirts! Was really tempted to buy the Zebra print. Cute, right??


Ms. Style and Soul herself with her F-STOP booth. If you're looking for asian fashion, go to her shop!:) She's also another very supportive friend. She bought cookies from me during day 1 and 2. :") Thank you, Melai and JR!!


I've heard about the Pin Up Girl store online, but it was my first time to meet the owner, Andie. She's so sweet and nice. Among all the people who bought from Artsy Ava's Cookies & More, I got the most overwhelming response from her. Thank you, Andie!!  I love your store and sketches!



My ultimate favorite booth during Glam Camp was none other than, The School of Satchel! I really have a weak spot for satchels as you all know and when I saw Bianca's booth, it was love at first sight!




All her bags are made from 100% genuine leather and all of its materials and manufacturing is made here in the Philippines. I think this is a perfect example of loving your own country's product. Definitely prefer this over Cambridge right now. ;) Another thing great about S.O.S. is for every satchel bag purchased from the S.O.S. premium pledges collection, they'll be giving one school bag to You get an awesome bag and you also get to help out!:)

We had a picture on the rooftop as requested by ETC with all the bloggers who participated at the bazaar. I was looking at the other camera here, so I seemed dazed. =P

Photo from Lissa!

Last picture before ending the bazaar...
with Krissy, Ana, Lissa and Melai :)

With Bianca of S.O.S. :)

All in all, I could say that I enjoyed the bazaar. I joined because I wanted Mom to feel how it was like to join bazaars. She loves baking and wants to pursue it full time someday, so I thought this was a good chance. It was also an awesome bonding time with her, so even if it was extremely tiring due to all the preparations, I still had a great time and I think this was a nice experience for the both of us. :)

Thank you again to everyone who came, supported and to ETC, 2nd Avenue, Diva Universal, Solar Entertainment and Ms. Milette Roque for having us!

I heard there will be a Bloggers United Part 2. Do watch out for that and ARTSY AVA'S COOKIES & MORE part 2 as well! ;)

x A.F.A.

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  1. Congrats on your first bazaar, Ava!!!! The cupcakes looks appetizing!!! :)

  2. wooow!looks like all of you had so much fun!wasn't able to drop by eh,i have lots of plates!haha!the cookies looks so yummy!:)

  3. The pink cupcakes are so cute! I am sure they taste good. Sayang hindi ako nakapunta. I really want to attend events such as this. I hope next time I can come. :)

  4. it was nice seeing you again ava! too bad tulog si athan d sila nakapag play ni Sofi. next time! :) Congrats sa foodie bazaar. will buy some more next time! :)

  5. congrats for the success of Glam Camp.. too bad wasn't able to drop by because of my hectic sked at work.. but I just can't wait for Bloggers United Part 2!! =)

  6. Looking at these photos make me regret not going! I was really suppose to go but I was hesitant to go alone and no one would want to go with me!waahh!! you girls look amazing!

  7. ava, happy you were there to keep me company and vice versa! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. Awww, thanks for the photo :D I think I posted my comment on wrong post. Anyways, it's so hard to find good brownies and muffins kasi. The ones I bought before are usually too dry and cakey but yours are perfect! I'm telling all of my friends nga. Will blog about your goodies this weekend ^_^

  9. I only found out about the cupcakes now! I could've bought! :( But oh well! :(

    Congratulations, Ava!! See you soon!! :)

  10. Congrats on your first independent bazaar :D
    More to come!

  11. Ava! Thanks so much for this entry! We love that School of Satchel is favorite store! :) Hope you were able to drop by Trinoma today. See you and your banana cupcakes soon! - Bianca, The School of Satchel

  12. You're a great daughter! I've read through the comments how you support your mom, hence the booth. You are such a sweet daughter!

    Anyway, I feel sorry I haven't been visiting for a while. So much have happened again! Your cookies look good!! And I like the packaging too. Simple, but nice! Anyway, congratulations! :)

  13. I've been out of town last week so I only got to check your blog again today :( too bad I wasn't able to visit the Glam Camp bazaar. Congrats on the great turn out though :) Love your outfits!

  14. Funnn!!! Hopefully one day I'd get to taste your baked goodies! :)

  15. Hello Ava! It was really nice to meet you at Glam Camp! :) Next time will make sure to take home some goodies!


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