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by - January 19, 2008

Today was our much awaited trip to ABS-CBN after a month and a half of waiting. It was awesome!

Our day went by slow, which I am very thankful for because you cannot pull me out of bed early morning on a saturday. We were asked to be in school to meet the bus at around 11:00 am but as we all know filipino time will always be present so, we left the school at 11:35 and got to ABS-CBN at 12-ish.

The tour wasn't going to start until 1:00PM so, Sir Blanca suggested we grab lunch first at the restaurants available at the network. Unfortunately, I was on a tight budget, PHP 200 and so was Nickie having PHP 300. I think Joy and Camille had enough but decided on sharing two KG ( big ) meals for the four of us.

We ate at Grams Diner. Had Fish and chips and chicken fingers with rice. The place had this huge mirror that non-celebrity people can write on and sure enough, Joy won't let that past. We stood up on our seats and signed our way to fame! (
Feeling celebrity-kuno!)

After lunch we headed straight for our studio tour and saw studios that are being used for Local news, game shows, the celebrities dressing rooms, and a bit of the Going Bulilit Cast and Kool chix.

We also had the opportunity to be a studio audience at Entertainment Live. Who knew, Lucky Manzano is really cute?=D Ha,Ha. Or that Mariel Rodriguez is sorta small and Toni Gonzaga is truly pretty, but Nickie and I have a secret behind cameras, you don't know about Toni! Ha, Ha. (
Sa amin nalang yun, masyadong ma-chizmax!=P)

By the way, did any of you see us on telly??=) He, He. I hope some of you guys did.

At the end of the day, we went to see the PBB house that looked huge on telly, but really is small up front. It was alright even though we could not go inside. I'm glad we went there because parked right infront of the PBB house was, Luis Manzano's car. We finally got our time and pictures with him because we all thought he was going to leave for Subic right away after E-Live. He was nice and Min Hae can't get enough of him. =D He even mentioned CSA on air during his last few minutes before E-Live ended. It's great to know an Augustinian will always remember fellow Augustinians.

This trip is the most memorable Journalism seminar ever and I'm glad I have Sir Blanca as our teacher.
Super Career mode!=) Now, I cannot wait for our newspaper to come out on March and let our batch mates know what happens when our minds collide as a class.


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