Chocolate for a teen's spirit

by - February 10, 2008

  1. You can often create a better ending to something that didn't have great start.
  2. If you question why you are here, know that God has something wonderful for you to do.
  3. Look outside today and notice all the beauty- no matter where you are.
  4. Reach out each week to a different person that you don't know well and get to know him or her better. This will bring richness to you both.
  5. Guys marry women they respect. Be a woman you would respect.
  6. Pretend today is your last day alive. What would you do? Add those things to your life right now.
  7. Be a hero. Have the courage to stand up for people who are being made fun of.
  8. While you cannot change anyone else, you can change yourself-your thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  9. Discover the wisdom of your grandparents and ask them what the most thing is they've learned so far.
  10. Make sure you have all the qualities you are seeking in someone else.
  11. Be the wind beneath another person's wings.
  12. Have discussions with God. He is always listening and guiding you.
  13. Make yourself proud by taking responsibility for what you say and do.
  14. If something doesn't go well, ask yourself, What positive thing can I learn from this experience?
  15. Always remember that following behind any dark day is light.
  16. Notice how upbeat music and comedy make you feel better.
  17. Being kind to everyone makes you more beautiful-inside and out.
  18. Take a stand for something positive that will make a difference in the lives of others.
  19. Patriotism for your country will give you a sense of belonging.
  20. Look at your teachers with a fresh set of eyes. Some may forever impact your life.
  21. What courageous conversation are you avoiding? What deserved acknowledgment for someone else are you withholding?
  22. Behind what you fear is often your greatest learning. Walk through your fears.
  23. It is not the circumstances that define you; it's your choices that matter.
  24. Each day, do something to nurture your spirit-and feed your soul.
  25. Honor your unique strengths by giving your talents and gifts to the world.


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