A blessing in disguise

by - February 03, 2008

Right now, I don't exactly know how I should treat you. A blessing or a burden? Some may say automatically you are a blessing, but I hope they won't take it against me if, I can't feel that as of now. I do, but not as much. A lot of things are going on my mind and when they right time comes that you come, for sure, you will be a blessing to me.

I'm really scared with the people around me who know about this. Especially the ones I don't know if I can trust because they knew before I could even blurt out a word, but I'm also thankful to the ones I have told and I fully trust them on this. They are my true confidant on this and I am blessed to have them with me. Though at times, I can't help but feel scared with the people whom I told this secret as well. I just hope so badly that the people who know keeps quiet about this until it's finally alright to say something. Right now all I can do is hope and pray to God to make me strong and make it through everyday.

Again, I'm very lucky to have Gersh on this. Someone who is supportive and would never leave me.

Thank God for honest and trust worthy people. My friends. ( You know who you guys are..=) Thank you very much.)


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