by - April 17, 2008

You know what makes my afternoons happy now a days. It's seeing these newly sliced melons in our fridge calling out my name.=) He, He. I am in love with Mememelons!

My Angkong has been buying me a lot of melons lately and I can easily finish one whole melon in a day, that's why he has to buy at least two now because of the way i eat it. The goodness of it. I'm just stuffing myself with fruits, I havfta be healthy, healthy, healthy!

Which reminds me, I'm 116 pounds now (my weight before I had the baby was 93 pounds and for sure when I go back to our doctor on the 26th I would gain a pound or two. The joy of it. I swear, I get all excited to go to the doctor's because, I get to check my weight and when I see that, I've gained I'm in total bliss. I hope by the month of May I'm already around 125 pounds. Tee-Hee.

And now, I'm off to dinner naman. I'm going to have 6 pieces siomai, rice, maybe some shredded melon juice plus milk! trip!=P

/Random happening/
Waaaaahhh! I have a tiny lizard in my room. I'm really scared of those. Help me!=(


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