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by - April 16, 2008

It's official. I am a bum. I have been stuck at home for the past two weeks ( I'm not counting the doctor's appointments) and that really, really is a sucky feeling. I get easily tired than the usual when I go out, but still, I need fresh air. Mall air that is. He, he. And being at home and checking out my account in friendster, multiply and blogspot for more than five times a day and sulking myself with television for more than four hours a day is not a good sign. That just proves how bored I am! GAH! I need freedom!

Anyhoo, The only thing that saved me from boredom today is when, Wubie came over to visit me. He bought me paper stars from "Tickles". The one that you fold and form into a star. It was uber sweet of him because, he remembered the bottle i'm trying to fill it up with needs more stars and finally I have tons and of course, Wubie loving it as much as I do enjoyed making some with me again.=)

our stars=)

I, on the other hand got to enjoy getting treated yummy Jollibee 2 piece Chicken and large frenchies by Wubie which I soo loved.=D It may sound a bit bawbaw of me to be so happy about food, but when your craving nothing is shallow. I love, Wubie for spoiling me when he gets the chance. I feel so loved!=) Thank you, Bie..I Love you so much!:-*

Well, I hope for the days to come, I get to do something more productive and not write about being bored any more.=P That's all for now. Enjoy the summer heat for me, everybody!


five days to go till my 19th burthdaii!!

Hmmm..what to do? Aside from my 1st, 4th, 11th and debut b-day celebration I have not celebrated the rest of b-days in the philippines which, I'm not used to soooo, No plans YET.=P


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