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It's my birthday today and I had nothing planned.................NOT! I had nothing planned, but my Mom and boyfriend Wubie had been planning something really special for me since last week and it was my first ever surprise birthday party. I am really thankful to have people who put so much effort just to see me happy.

I never really celebrate my birthdays here in the Philippines. I rarely do that and if ever, I did, I only did it around five times because, I always celebrate my birthdays in Taiwan with my Mom and it always came simple. We dine out, go shopping and maybe just enjoy the places there if we had the time. So, now that I have to stay and celebrate my birthday here made me totally unaware of what I could do and how I would celebrate, not knowing The people I love the most had plans for me already. Such Sneaky people, eh?=)

Now, I know why my Mom kept asking what I wanted to do on my birthday and if I was going out with any of my friends. All this time she was inviting, preparing my birthday and making sure that I stay at home and not go out. Even though we were miles apart, Her, my friends and Wubie discussed every detail. Who to invite, how to order food and they even got my grandparents to join on this little scheme and me? well I was too gullible to notice. All, I thought of today was my pampering manicure treat from Mommy. Haha.

And, I am happy to say that my celebration went pretty well. Wait, that's not the word I'm looking for. Hmmm, It went GREAT! I had an awesome time with my friends and Wubie. Especially when I had to blow my birthday candles because, Wubie was really sneaky enough to get me magic candles instead of your typical one-blow-away candle. I think I had about six to seven takes of trying to blow my candles out and after two seconds they would spark up again and my friends and I found it soo weird that it won't seem to go out. Super bloopers! Kasi ba naman, you would expect after making your sincere wish, you would blow out your candles and everyone would clap and it's over, but NOOO, I had to have a different way around my cake! Thanks alot, Wubie!=P You made me put extra effort on blowing my own candles. Hahaha.

(my golly, poor me! haha)

Our lunch was composed of Pancit ng Malabon Palabok, KFC chicken bucket, 2 large Jugno's Mexican Amigo's Pizza, Red Ribbons cakes and lotsa soda! I Loved the food. Heavy duty!

After lunch, we headed back to my room and played a little card game called, "Mafia." I don't know if you guys are familiar with that. If you aren't, sorry na lang basta it was really fun. Our time was mostly spent there with a little kwentuhan Hehe. They all went home around 8:30 PM. I thought after they went home, my day of surprise was over. UNTIL, Wubie made me close my eyes and surprised me with a gorgeous heart and key bracelet. I am still overwhelmed by it. He said he didn't have a gift for me and I wasn't expecting one either after having said that. Mahn, can you feel the love tonight?? Haha. Because, I feel really loved!

(ABOVE: The bracelet DOWN: Wubie and I)

Hayy, today was really A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I can't thank my family, friends and Wubie enough for putting a huge effort on this occation. I love you, Mommy, Angkong, Ama, Wubie, Paula Cruz/Silverio, Marie, Nickie, Camille, Daniel, Wong, Mike, Nicole, Marga and all the people who greeted me via text and multiply!=)


I guess, I have to cut this short already. Sorry kung pang nobela material na toh! Hehe. I'm just really greatful for the attention I received today since, It is my very first time to have a surprise party. The people I love really know how to put the HAPPY in my happy birthday! BIG HUGGGSSS to all of you!!

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