One happy Momma. BOW.

by - July 10, 2008

So, our nights are simply composed of:

  • Staying over at my place on a school night. (Bad boy! hahaha Hapon pa naman raw class niya eh=P)
  • A little sweetness here and there while you're doing your homework on my desktop and me close by typing this entry on my laptop. (Chat tayo! kamiss ka eh haha..)
  • Eating our stash of Ritz crackers, Pez candy, Black gulaman juice and maybe later some Cheese and sour cream flavored Ruffles. (O, ang sarap ng buhay di ba??)
  • And finally, having a nice, and quiet time while baby sleeps for at least 2-3 hours,
-In short, isang masayang gabi ito. Goodnight, people!

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