My judgement day..dumdumdum...

by - August 19, 2008

Tomorrow is finally the day that I find out if CSB will accept my re-application or not. I'm scared because I really want and need them to accept me. I need to start school due to being delayed for one semester already and because I miss school so badly, plus it's for Athan's future. If I get accepted and finish early, I get to start working for him. Hayy, please pray for me, guys. I really want this. Thank you.

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  1. I'll also find out if I passed the test tomorrow. And the being nervous just sunk in when I read your post. I just realized I need a passing grade just in case I fail DLSUmain. :|

    And I miss school too! Being a bum isn't so much fun, except on holidays, when there are people who can make me social life sparkle. But holidays don't come every day. :| I miss being stressed out and all that. Hehe. :]

    Goodluck, Ava! I hope we both pass :)

  2. u'l both hit it :) ok update me okie? i'll be waiting. parang i felt kinda nervous too.

  3. christine- i've never been this tensed! hehe good luck to us! i hope you pass both! i really have to pass CSB because its the only school i applied to=(

    Dana- thanks, dana!!=) will do!


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