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by - August 17, 2008

I noticed that my August entries are quite consistent compared to the other months that i've blogged in, must be a sign that I am super-kaduper bored or maybe I just lack on the social life department....? Except today though, because today I attended one of my best friend's debut together with Wubie and Athan. She had it at Hard rock cafe at Glorietta around 11-ish, but the bed lover that my father, son and I are, woke up late, we still had to take a bath, I had to iron my top and pick out Athan's outfit which btw was uber cute!

(He's Tigger and he just turned 3months!)
we eventually got there at 11:30AM. Thank goodness, we're just 30 minutes away from Makati. Whew!=P

We didn't miss much when we got there, the program hasn't started and Marga, Juancho, and Wong, Athan's godparents were waiting for us and didn't eat yet, unlike some people there because they waited for our slow toushies to arrive. (Thanks, loves!) The food was great! We had Sushi, Salad, Pasta and a little mixture of Filipino cuisine. I didn't go for second servings though. I wanted to rush myself right to dessert! I was only after the Leche flan, my sweet tooth was calling out for it.=P Before I get to the program part of the debut, I was told by Clary the debutant, two weeks ago that I was going to be a part of her 18 candles and of course I proudly agreed, but today when I was handed the candle she suddenly blurts out that I was going to be the first one. I was planning on doing an impromptu because, I honestly didn't have the time to write one down so, I thinking I could just say anything, I thought I had it in the bag, but telling me I'm the first one to go up the stage and not having to hear anyone else say their speech is mind boggling. I felt like all the ideas I had for my speech flushed out of my brain when she mentioned the words, "Ikaw yung una ah.." It was like, "HA?? ANO?? wala kang sinabiiiii!! waaaaah." Yes, I did have a slight panic attack, I have stage fright noh! RAWR. Anyoo, I went up the stage and because I was nervous after saying my wish, I ended up blowing the candle instead of Clary. Weee..Bow. After all the 18 candles, the emcees called for the 18 shots. Wubie had to do an impromptu as well, because memory gap me forgot to tell him that Clary included him, but he did a great job, it was like he prepared for it. He even mentioned our son haha, cuteness! Nevertheless, the debut was fun, kahit ninyerbios ako! Happy 18th birthday, Clary!

When the debut was over, Athan's godparents, me and Wubie decided to roam around since it is our family day. We went to Glorietta, then Greenbelt to chill at Starbuck's, where Wubie was sweet enough to treat me to a Mocha Frap and him a Strawberry and Cream Frap. *YUMS* Unfortunately, Wong and Juancho had to leave so soon, but it was alright because Marga sticked around and we invaded Rustans, Where she helped me change Athan's nappy while he screamed at the top of his lungs and people from the outside could hear him. Grabe, kahiya. His screams were as if someone was hurting him, and I was sooo not. That's just his habit when you change him before feeding. Good thing, Marga was there to help. ( Thanks, gurl!! You're my savior!)
Marga and I really lacked bonding time due to all the college blues so,we went to the children's section of Rustans, Wubie went to the Lego area ( his favorite) while Marga and I surfed the girly section.=) There were a lot of cute stuffs. Being there was like bringing back the child in us. Marga liked all the Winnie the pooh stuff and I was swooning over the trinkets and girly toys. If only we had a lot of cash I'm pretty sure we would have bought something even though Wubie did buy me something. Can you, guess? (Ahem-trin-ahem-kets) I couldn't resist and Wubie's just the sweetest daddy ever! Hayy, It was such a fun day. I hope for another one real soon.=)

Wubie cooked for me again! Master chef! Good food! Hot guy who cooks! Tee-hee!=D
Love you, bie!

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