My modelo!

by - August 06, 2008

Let me start by saying that I am a very forgetful girl, because last sunday while we where driving along the highway going to Sta. mesa with Wubie's mom and Ate Dior they suddenly talk about this billboard that Wubie did for Don Bosco back in his high school days that won an CMMA and of course, hearing that I got soo intrigued and kept on asking Wubie why he never mentioned it to me. Turns out he did, but I just have a very forgetful brain! (Sorry na!)

Anyhoo, I just wanted to share my proud moment as a girlfriend, even though the billboard doesn't exist any more because as we all know, billboards have to be taken down someday and that was put up back in 2004, I think? So, obviously by now it's gone. Kaya, Wubie, dito ko na lang isshare sa mundo na once upon a time naging modelo ka! Haha. Grabe, inunahan mo ako.=P Love you!

And, the moment of truth...(drum roll sound...)

(ang serious noh??)
I hope I don't forget the next time something this significant is said to me. Hehe. Memory gap!

Good night!

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