by - September 27, 2008

So, I mentioned in my entry the other day that I would update you with pictures about our family day last sunday. Well, here are the pictures to show you and I'll just give you a little 101 about it.

So, we went to San Miguel by the bay to eat at the new restaurant my uncle is managing called "The Cruise" (they have great food. I loved the pastas and paella! so please stop by there especially if your a lover of seafood:)) Oh, and for desert order the Leche flan alamode, it's to die for I promise you. Their waiters also have these cute outfits, they're wearing sailor clothes and they have a captain too! Well, in short their theme is a ship taking you on a cruise to yummy-ness. He, He. After we ate we went strolling by the bay with Athan, Wubie and had a vain time with my cousin Sam. She is such a great photographer and model, btw, and at only age 10! Ha, Ha. I really had a great time, We were one big happy family! Anyhoo, here are the pictures. Enjoy!

<-(The dinner/resto)
<-(Athan enjoying the bay in his stroller)
(My happiness)

(ito na pose ko, sam!XD)

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