LIFE is a bittersweet symphony

by - September 16, 2008

Wow, it's been quite a while since I last made an entry. My last entry was about my unfortunate event last week. Someone stole my original lady bug Lesportsac from my backpack on the way home with Wubie. I seriously don't know how that person stole it, because my backpack straps are really sagad to my back that I can sense if someone's going to touch/open it. I can't believe my kikay kit is gone. It's not all valuable because the only stuffs in there was my lotion, perfume, rosary, lip gloss, favorite squirtle keychain, orange toy and candies, but still those were my stuffs and I love them. Especially my Lesportsac bag because Mom gave that to me as a reward for passing my math last third quarter, senior year and I never had the chance to use it, only now and my rosary which I always use to pray when I talk to God, that rosary was given to me by Wubie. We have matching ones. These things may not be money, but they have sentimental value to me and dagnabit another person is benefiting from it and he might have thrown in away thinking he can't get anything from my kit. UGH, masasabi ko lang talaga sayo is, Betch ka! Mag lotion ka kung gusto mo at mag rosary para malinis conscensya mo. Hay enough of the bitterness, I'll just it leave it all to God.

Well, school has been great and uber busy. As you can see, I don't blog as much anymore, but I'll try to update this as much as I can. I love doing home works ahead of time and doing things ahead of their deadline. It's good thing I also do because when I get home I want my time pretty much dedicated to Athan. I also enjoy my break times because I get to have lunch dates with Wubie and we see each other more often now because before it was on weekends, now I can eat with him everyday. I hope even though school work has been piling up I would still be able to achieve my academic goal and that is to be a dean's lister at CSB. *fingers crossed!*

Today has been a very busy day. I woke up super early like around 6 AM just to get to LTO on time to get my non-professional license fixed. I took the test and hopefully will get my license by tomorrow. Open road, here I come!=D I also washed Athan's bottles which was A LOT. 13 bottles to be exact, four milk containers, three pacifiers and a teether. Sigh, all I want to do now after this is get Athan to bed, shut my tired eyes and rest my achy body. I'm glad this LTO thing is over and next Tuesday I can sleep until 1 PM. (loving the bed!)

Well, I guess i'll put Athan to sleep now. Good night, everyone, be cautious with your bags when you commute and have a great week!

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