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by - September 02, 2008

OKAY, just a little update on what happened to me this week since I wasn't able to blog about it yesterday or the day before because my internet connection decided to give up on me for about 3 days. The reason behind that is because my grandmother who pays PLDT didn't see that we had to pay the bill on or before August 22 which is odd because my grandmother and mom was use to the usual end of the month billing (which I don't know why it became mid-month all of a sudden) and so, seeing it too late around 2 days ago, PLDT cut our line, but we paid them yesterday early in the morning just so we could have the internet back. It's soooo difficult to not have the net. First of all, it's where my mom and I keep in touch, she's abroad so, she calls through skype to check up on us. Second, this will be my primary source when I get back to school because as I've heard, sometimes your reading papers for school is online or of course the daily announcements from school and third, I can't live without the internet especially nowadays when there's so much to do like, blogging, checking your updates in blogspot=) hehe, Multiply, the-not-so-interesting-anymore-friendster, and chatting. I'm really happy my net is up and working!

OH, I'm also done with my enrollment at CSB and all I have to do is my physical and dental exam, but I'm sort of in a rut with the chest x-ray part. You see, I encountered a minor pneumonia a couple of days ago (which I didn't know about if it weren't for my chest x-ray for CSB because I'm not coughing at all) and I've had my right lateral x-ray too last week and will be doing another chest x-ray for the doctor to see if my antibiotics helped clean my lungs. My doctor said if It still hasn't then she'll provide me with a letter for CSB saying that, I'm already taking meds for it. :) I'm also going to try and make my week the best week because coming monday is already my first day as a college girl. Wish me luck!

BTW, I mentioned here before that I joined ARTWORK's 2nd annual t-shirt design. Finally, after a month of having the bought t-shirt from Artwork I already finished my design. With a little help from Wubie on the sleeves. He helped me paint it. hehe. I'll show it to you, guys as soon as I've submitted it and when the contest is already closed which will be on September 15. Wish me luck on that one too!:) Thank you!

Well, that's all for now. I missed you, guys! Tah-tah!=)

I just might stay here. Thanks to Christine who made me realize it. When it comes to the layout TUMBLR makes it a bit difficult for me and I feel a bit more at home here. :)

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  1. I know how you felt about not having internet! I don't know but for people like me who don't have anything better to do, life is kind of dependent on the internet. Haha! :))

    Anyway, goodluck on the Artwork contest and the x-ray. I hope the meds help. :)

    Oh, Tumblr is difficult to make ours. :| It's easier to update, but well, we know Blogger is still love. ♥

  2. i'm a bum this vacation..well, not a bum when i take care of athan, but aside from that..i need that net badly too!=P

    Thanks, christine!=) i hope so too.

    it took my like an hour to figure the layout thing. haha it made my head hurt!=P so, back to blogspot i am=D


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