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by - September 04, 2008

I can't believe I'm finally going to be a college girl after this week! That's why like I said in my previous post, I'm going to try and make this the best weekend ever and so I present you my agenda:

  • September 4- Go to A1 to have my non-pro. license fixed.
  • September 5- Off to San Juan de dios to have my final chest x-ray (I hope my lungs are better), then Makati City hall to get a certified true copy of Athan's birth certificate, and after that Family day at Glorietta. (maybe just maybe, I might get my nails done.)- SCREW THAT, I had orientation pala at CSB, thanks to Christine for informing me. :) and we went to MOA instead to have our family day because Taxis are hard to call on fridays at Glorietta. Plus there's fireworks at MOA. :)
  • September 6- Check- up for my lungs after that, we're off to Keigh's 18th birthday at The Fort strip. :)

I know it's just 3 days, but they're fully booked. I can't wait for September 5 and 6!

Enjoy sembreak, Taft people!

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