My 97th entry [can't think of a title]=P

by - November 06, 2008

I want to blog something, but a part of me doesn't exactly know what to write so, forgive me if this entry will appear random. :)

School today wasn't much of a drag. I had a make up class for GEPSYCH at 9:40 AM and my real classes for today weren't until 1PM and I super hate waking up early, but I told myself I need to push myself for the grade and so, I went. Turns out when I got there only around five of us showed up and I didn't feel like it was a drag because I was a given a bonus. Then in COMSK1X we played an inference game which our group didn't win at, nevertheless it was still fun then, in NATSCI11 we answered some facts about water because our topic for the day was water pollution, then our prof made us compute how much liters of water we normally use per week. It was an okay day, I guess you would say.

I want to show you, guys my two favorite drawings by Jeremy Vanhoozer. (Know him?) I honestly wasn't aware of him until last weekend when Wubie's friend Machu showed us one of J.V's works. Seeing how great his creations were we viewed his site and here are two drawings that tickled my fancy.

(cute?=) )

And yes, the courses that I chose for my second term in CSB has been all approved with a little addition that I so did not ask for, because for my next term, the courses that I chose were, DYNAMICSOFRELIGION, JOSERIZAL, PE-PHYSICAL FITNESS, ORIENTATION & DEV-B, COMMUNICATION SKILLS 2X, AESTHETICS and POLITICAL GOV. Then, while scanning, I suddenly see ALGEB1X- APPROVED *ADDED*. I was OMG, I soo did not ask for algebra?! But, it's there and I can't do anything about it. There's no use in creating a fuss. I just hope i'll be great or at least a bit good in that course because mathematics is my ultimate waterloo.

Last random item is about my blog friend Gel's business. I really like her items and as you know I adore,collect trinkets and cute stuffs that's why I love her stuffs. Here are some of my best picks.

So, if you're interested with Gel's cute stuffs, just go to her business site! *Pictures are from her site*

That's all for now...till y next update. :) Tah-tah!

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