Today I'm a spoiled little girl:)

by - November 09, 2008

It's finally the weekend and it was one of the best family day out with my lovelies. This morning we surprisingly woke up early, by early I mean, Wubie doesn't have to drag me out of bed at 2PM in the afternoon because when he's here and he helps me take care of Athan, I sleep like a log. I cannot be awakened nor disturbed. Anyway, so the reason why we woke up early around 8:30 in the morning was because this Xend delivery guy came over to deliver my package and since I was the only one hearing the door bell ring, I got out of bed and had to face the delivery man with my just-got-out-of-bed-look with matching PJ's and of course the no tooth brush-no hilamos-look. Imagine how embarassed I was to face him like that, but I had no choice. I was the only one who heard him and besides what he had was mine. Btw, I want to show you, guys what I got from Xend. Ms. Johanna actually has a shop at Marta's cakes at Serendra, but the lazy person I am didn't want to go all the way there so, I asked if she could just have it delivered. Haha. I am a lover of non-edible cupcakes. Yes, you heard me. I love cupcakes to bits, but you cannot possibly make me eat a real one because I find it to be sickly sweet. I'm not a lover of super sweet stuffs, sorry.:) So, here they are even if they aren't real, they're good enough to eat.
(My yummy cupcakes!:))

Since we woke up early, we also decided to just get ready to go to Wubie's place to visit his Mom and Nanay Lucing. After taking a bath and preparing everything, we were off to Wubie's place to have lunch and I loved the food so much because I have this cheap food thrill with Tomatoes with salty egg. I assume a lot of you, guys know that since we are in the Philippines and it's sort of popular. Every time we would visit Wubie's place I would be lucky enough to be served that and I can't get enough of it so, imagine how happy I am when I get to have it. Any of you, guys like it too?:) After lunch, Wubie's mom took me to this sale near their home and bought me super cute head bands and bracelets. I really love them because nowadays I often wear a head band due to my short hair. I can't tie it nor style it so, better just put a head band. Plus, I also love the colors because I only have neutral ones and I'm a color person, they have colors = PERFECT.
(Head band crazy!:))
I am super spoiled today. I spoiled myself with the cupcakes, Wubie's mom spoils me with head bands and bracelets then, when Wubie, Athan and I went to Megamall to have family bonding Wubie too decides to spoil me AGAIN. Why? Because this CP pouch from Animob tickled my fancy and I said that I wanted to get and I was going to pay for it when he suddenly decides that he wanted to buy it for me. So, AGAIN they sweetie that he is bought me the pouch and I end up being all giddy and happy. :) (Thanks so much, daddy! Love you!)

(My cute pouch and token toy!:))
So, this is how it feels to be super spoiled. Haha. I got triple spoiled today and it really feels great. I hope I can get them something good this Christmas. They have been giving me a lot and I need to give them something great. Christmas is almost here! I can't wait to go Christmas shopping for my loved ones. Time flies. :) Well, this is quite long already so, Imma end this. Good night, everyone and happy Sunday!

Finally, watched WALL-E after 3 months. Wah, loser! Haha. It was uber cute, loved the movie!

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