4 days till saint nick comes my way!

by - December 21, 2008

Wow! Could you believe it? only 4 days till christmas and I'm quite excited because first of all its Athan's first ever Christmas! Second my mom and aunt just came home yesterday from Taipei! I hope we'll have a big blast this Christmas because it would mean a lot to me seeing everyone especially Athan having fun on that day. :)

Oh! I also got my first Christmas gift via cyberspace for Marian! She is super creative in making layouts and cute, cute, cute Mopsicles. You should check it out at her site. I love her Mopsicle creations so much and I was sooo happy when I found out she made me my very OWN mopsicle! She even made it surprising enough buy putting it in a cyber christmas wrapper, wherein I had to click it so see what was inside and there it is! My very own Mopsicle!:) Her name is ARTPI btw.:)

How about you, guys?:) Have you received any gifts before christmas yet? and have you opened them already or are you waiting for christmas day itself to open them?:)

Well, gotta go. I think we're gonna drop by Athan's baptismal reception venue to check out the food and we also might go to World Trade Center for the Noel Bazaar.:)

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