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by - February 26, 2009

Being a young parent is not the easiest task in the world, even a legal aged parent is hard enough what more a teenagers situation? There are some times that I wonder to myself how can I raise Athan properly. Will I be able to teach him good values and instill it in him for the rest of his life? Will he always be my loving baby even when he reaches the age of 14 or 40? Questions run in my mind constantly. Especially as I see Athan growing up faster now, I realize how hard it is to be a Mother. I now understand why Mothers would be oh so protective and why it bothers them if we're in a relationship, when we get distant to them or when we go pass our curfew. It really is a nerve wrecking feeling, because you feel like dying inside whenever you don't see them okay or the thought that something might happen to them..Its a crazy feeling.

The thought runs in my mind that, what if Athan already becomes a teenager? Will he become as hard headed like most teens or will he be an obedient child and want to listen to our advice? Seeing him as a cute, sweet and happy baby right now, I always hope that he can be forever like that. But I cannot dictate on to what the future brings. I just have to get up everyday, take care, love Athan and hope that one day he will remember every good thing that me and his Dad taught him.

I love him so much and I hope that if ever we do get mad at him when he's grown up, he'll know that we're only doing that for his own good. We want him happy and safe at all times and he's our number one priority.

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  1. I can relate! I'm a young mom too. :)


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