yes, i am quite obsessed=P

by - February 21, 2009

I have this thing when I like a certain item, that I can't seem to leave the store without getting it, and if I do end up not getting it that time because I was short on moolah, it would haunt me until I finally get my hands on it. Right now, I'm having that urge again. I guess you can call it a curse. Hahaha. Because I'm quite obsessed when this feeling of mine comes out. What am I obsessing about right now---

Coin purses from Loungefly! While Wubie and I were window shopping at Rustans, Makati today I saw these two and it was pure love! I really, really want them both, but they're expensive so, if I were to choose one, I'd go for the Blow pop design because its cheaper than the Tootsie roll. Even though the Tootsie roll design is what my heart truly wanted. But anyhoo, I love the Blow pop too because of the cute star. :) I hope that if I get the chance to buy one it would be still there. Wish me luck! Haha. I absolutely adore food made into designs. Like cupcakes, again I dislike eating the real thing, but show me a wallet with a cute cuppycake design, I would positively love it. I'm weird like that. =P I hope, hope, hope (x10) that they still have it by the time I get the chance to buy it. :) *fingers crossed!*

What are you currently obsessing about?:)
Do you buy things impulsively?:)
Are you into cute stuffs?:)

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