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by - February 27, 2009

Hello Friday! I am so glad you're finally here. So many things happened today, but it was all good except for the fact that it was my very first time to get scolded by a teacher in front of my classmates. I swear, I've never been that embarrassed in class my whole life and the main reason of that 10 second scolding was that I submitted a long bond paper instead of a short bond paper. Anything else? NO. That was her only reason for scolding me. I felt so bad, because I actually like her course (Politics and Governance) and I'm quite good at her class and I got kinda offended when she did that, but I just shrugged the thought of and made sure next time I would submit a SHORT bond paper and not a LONG one. I'm traumatized by what she did and I do not want to receive any more tongue lashing from her. No, no, no! I do not want that ever again. First and last, Ma'am! After that insident we also had a group presentation on Human rights violations and our group did pretty well, because everyone kept laughing--we did a skit on abortion, discrimination, flying voters, child abuse and martial law. I guess from there I could guess that my professor forgave me for my "bond paper" mishap. :) Whew!

So, after class Wubie fetched me from Taft and we went home and got ready to go to Cash and Carry. May I compliment Cash and Carry for such a huge improvement on their place. It's way better than the last time I saw it. Super nice ambiance now. Love it!:) First we went to Red ribbon to buy my Grandpa a cake, because he turned 72 yesterday and my Mom wanted him to have a small celebration. Then, after getting the needed stuffs Wubie and I decided to look around for a bit because we haven't seen the newly renovated Cash and Carry. While roaming around I saw these two shops, CLIPPER and MINDWERKS. If Alice has her wonderland, these two shops are mine!:) Why? They have soooo many cute stuffs annnnnnd TRINKETS! AHHHH! *panics!* And as you all know I collect trinkets so, no shock if this made me feel better despite my bad day at class. SHOPPING IS THERAPY--say it with me! Here are the three cuties I spotted--

Are they cute or are they just REALLY cute?:) Hehehe. Piglet is one of my favorite cartoon characters so its given why I like it and these two are cute, because its the first time that I've seen trinkets with mini spiral arms.=P Cutee-patootees!:) I hope next time when we have more time we could take Athan with us and C&C could be our next family day venue.

Anyhoo, that's how my Friday went. :)
P.S. Changed my background. What do you think?:)

What do you usually do on a Friday?
What things are you into right now?
Have you seen the new Cash and Carry?
Do you prefer a laptop or PC?

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