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by - March 05, 2009

Its been awhile since my last update, I just woke up from my power nap and I'm wearing my feel good shoes. I wonder when will I be able to wear my fashionista heels outside and hopefully not trip infront of hundreds of people Haha.

BTW, sorry for the lack of blog hopping and comments. I've been really busy with school and usually when I blog hop I make sure its on the weekend so that I can read everyone's entry fully and comment with all of my heart. If I had any entry that I put effort to make I would want a nice comment with it, I wanna do the same for all of you, guys!:) So, I hope you understand if I take time before I comment. That just means, I wanna take time to digest your entries.

School's been a tough cookie lately and I'm really trying to cope with it. As of now what's relieving my stress is Aesthetics, because soon will be doing painting on canvas and I super missed doing that. I remember my very first canvases back in 2002(nostalgia!). The one of the left is a cat I copied of my mug and the right one is I think from one of Henri Matisse's work. I consider them my best work ever, even though they're quite amateur-ish. Because its been almost 6 years since I last painted like that and I think I lost my touch. Whenever I get busy and run of materials I tend to slack of and not do it for a long time. Its sad. That's why when our painting lessons starts I have to make sure that I hone my skills again in order for me to be able to do much better paintings in the future. :) I LOVE && MISS ART.
Ohh, I have a new CHICTOPIA account!:) And this time I'm updating it.
I love Camille Co and Slumberdoll!:) check them out, you'll love them! Great style icons!

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