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by - March 08, 2009

Yesterday, was our family day and I surely did miss it, because last week we didn't have enough budget to go out so, we just decided to stay home, but now luckily there was enough moolah to go out. :)

What we did first was have our once every two weeks grocery at Landmark and get our supplies. Supplies for me, meaning candies to bring to school because I take candies whenever I feel sleepy in class and junkies stored for the weekends. I don't know about you, but I can't seem not to have my dose of junk foods even though I'm into healthy foods as well. I want a bit of sugar in my system and perhaps a bit of salty chips with that. I can balance healthy and not healthy so, why not, right?:)

After our grocery trip, we decided to go to Market Market for a change of ambiance. Its always been Glorietta and Mall of Asia for us. We need something different. So, while waiting for transpo, we were lucky enough to catch the Fort Bonifacio bus and that was really good, because we don't have to stand the scorching heat of Metro Manila. ICK. When we got to Market Market, we made Athan try this cute ride out and he really enjoyed it. I know he's quite young for rides (he's almost 10 months), but as young as he is I know he appreciates the little things and we want him to enjoy everything about life.

But with this picture, it looks like I'm having more fun than Athan. Haha. :) Also, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner time at Market Market. We bought Hong kong style noodles for about php 50. then gulaman juice for php 18, about 10 slices of California Maki for only php 57 ( would you believe that??) and lastly 2 ice cream cones worth php 10 each. All in all, a reasonably cheap php 145 worth of good food!:) We were pretty stuffed after that and I couldn't believe we only spent php 145! Anyhoo, after eating we decided to go around and Wubie treated me to this awesome full body massage chair at Timezone. I sooo wanted to take it home with me! I need one of those when I'm stressed. Hehe. Then we also stopped by at the newly renovated part of Market Market where they have a lot of cute stuffs being sold to people. And again, Something happened to catch my eye, which was this--

--super cute old school Crocodile dentist game turned into a key chain. I used to play with the bigger version of this as a kid and It was nostalgia when I saw it and what made me like it more is its in a trinket form. Mini, its functional and at only php 50!:) If you haven't played with it yet, it goes like this-- It's your turn to be the dentist. Carefully choose one of the crocodile's teeth and press it down. But watch out for his sore tooth! If you choose the wrong one, snap! the crocodile will playfully bite down and you're out of the game. Its fun, so I'm glad to have a portable one. :)

That was our great family day. Looking forward to next week's!:)

Did you play/ know the Crocodile dentis game as a kid?
Did you go out last Saturday?
Do you like to try out new things in life?

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