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C.A.R.P- Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program.
Agrarian Reform means the redistribution of lands, regardless of crops or fruits produced, to farmers and regular farm workers who are landless, irrespective of tenurial arrangement, to include the totality of factors and support services designed to lift the economic status of the beneficiaries and all other arrangements alternative to the physical redistribution of lands, such as production or profit-sharing, labor administration, and the distribution of shares of stock which will allow beneficiaries to receive a just share of the fruits of the lands they work.

Today for our POLIGOV class, there was a farmer from Negros who talked to us about their experience with the CARP-extension, because right now the government wants to stop supporting the program and focus assistance on the farmer households that have received land under the program, but for me they should not stop it because they should assist and at the same time find ways to redistribute the lands. The farmer told us how hard they fought for this. They left their province so that they can claim what's rightfully theirs and to tell the government not to stop the program because its what they all depend on. While he was talking about all this I seriously wanted to cry. I could feel the emotions running through me. I never really knew how hard farmers work or anything about the government, because I believe that the government is corrupt, that I am not afraid to say and no matter how much you rotate the earth our government will remain the same and I actually lost hope for progress. But the farmer who talked to us today, asking or more like begging us to help them gave me a spark of hope to want to change our system. I want to believe that it can get better, especially I want it to be better for them, because in truth where do we actually get our supply of food. particularly rice? Its all from our farmers. We don't have farm lands in Metro Manila to plant in. They work so hard just to provide for us and the government gives them a mere Php 250 a day for their hard work under the scorching sun. We need them and they need us. Why can't we just work equally? I believe if we would work equally, like the farmer provides for us and we give them what is just, progress is not such a hard thing to accomplish or at least show other countries that, we Filipinos know how to work together and help out each other.

I hope the CARP-extension pushes through for all the farmers seeking for assistance from us. Let us try and help them have their dignity back by giving back what should have been theirs from the beginning.


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