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by - March 13, 2009

Hello blog world!:) Sorry again for the lack of returning comments on your blog and tag boxes. School's not eating my day up that much that's why I haven't been visiting, Its Athan's extreme energy that's been keeping me busy and too tired to blog. He's my jumping bean, jumping anywhere you put him! He'll really drain you, but, here I am again! Storming towards the weekend--excited for family day and to blog hop on your sites!:)

Could you believe how hot it is now??? Last I saw in Manila Bulletin newspaper we were like the 7th hottest country. That's HOT! Don't get me wrong, I love summer, because it spells VACATION for me, though I hate how it makes me all sweaty even though I just got out of the shower. I'm not a certified neat freak, but want to look fresh and feel clean when I get out of the house. Not sticky and malansa. Oh summer, I feel you so much!

Yesterday Wubie and I had our 21st monthsary and I had to wait for 2 hours till he got home, because of over time from his work, but even though late he still didn't forget our special day and got me a cute bunny trinket. Its soo exciting that we're almost near 2 years. I wonder how we'll be 5 years from now? Hopefully all settled and happy raising Athan. :)

Oh, and an update on my Aesthetic class, where we do paintings. Well, so far we've done two paintings and boy, am I rusty lopez! I can't combine paint that well anymore and I can't even make water color look like water color. It comes out looking like poster paint and not only that I can't draw mountains properly. As my classmate Sam tells it--"Our mountains look like boobs!" ( Am I allowed to say that here?? Lolz. If not, I apologize.) Mehn! I hope when we paint again next tuesday it turns out to something I can be proud of.

Last buzz for my update, have you tried Stabilo's pen point 88; fine 0,4? I love how it writes. Its smooth and it practices my hand not to grind on the paper too much. Because I'm kinda a heavy writer, so when I scribble down my notes you can easily see the pen marks at the back of the page. At least with Stabilo's point 88 I can take my scribbling a little bit lighter, plus it has cute colors! Its available at any National bookstore so, come and get one! (Witness my boredom through doodling in DYNAREL!=P)

Well, that's all! Gotta go, Wubie's almost home. :)

How hot is it now?
What's your favorite thing to buy at bookstores?
Do you doodle on your notebook?

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