Greetings from taipei!

by - April 21, 2009

Greetings from Taipei, Taiwan!:) Its been two days since my son and I have been here and during the past few days we've been to a lot of places and done lotsa things, like grocery shopping at Costco, Shopping for kyootsie stuffs at Check fun, playing at the park with Athan, window shopping at Dayeh Takashimaya and eating good food at the uber tasteful food court. Its been almost 2 years since my last visit here and seeing it again makes my heart happy. I missed being here. It feels odd not being able to see it for so long, because at an early age of 6 I have already traveled alone to Taiwan to spend my summer with my Mom. But now its a little bit different, because now I have Athan to accompany me and keep me company at our home here in Taiwan. :) I really don't have friends here, so its kinda great to have Athan with me this year and to top it off, my batchmate from CSA, Dennise is coming over on the 24th and hopefully we'll get to hang out.

So far Taiwan has been great, but our plans of going to the zoo last sunday got cancelled, because when it comes to the weather here it's very unpredictable. It will start pouring now then in the next few minutes the sun will start to come out. UGH. But at least the malls and mini stores here will never fail me. They're my safe place. Rain or shine. One of my favorite stores here in Taiwan right now is called CHECK FUN. It's a new store near our house and it sells random kyootsie stuffs. They have different things for sale per shelf they have, which makes their store really fun to shop at, every shelf you look at is different from the other. I love their concept of not making their store have a certain product. It's just RANDOM!:) I only got two items though despite the fact that I wanted to buy the whole store!:P But of course I got the two things there that I found really kyoot--

Apple Earrings for NT$ 80

A mini coin purse or keychain for NT$90

Mom also brought me to the Mango clothing store and I really can't wait to get the two graphic tees, bolero and pants we saw there. Its pure love!:) Also, Mom gave me these little critters from Mister Donuts promo--

My mom and aunt had to eat plenty on donuts just to get me these little guys. They know how much I love small things that's why they made a plunge for the donuts! I can't wait to add them to my growing collection!:) I hope I get to spot more trinkets here before I come home. I might need a bigger box!:P

OH! BTW, I'm now officially 20 YEARS OLD!:) I want to thank, Wubie and all my friends for the sweet, sweet, sweet greeting!:) You just made my 20th year of living a happy one!:) THANK YOU!

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