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by - April 14, 2009

Wubie's cousin Ate Grace passed away today at a very young age, she has two beautiful daughters and relatives hoping that she would wake up from her coma, but sadly her body just gave up. Its sad because in life when people die you realize then that literally life is short and it makes you wonder was your life spent with purpose or you just wasted the days away? Everyone will die eventually that's the cruel cycle of reality. You're born now then next you may be counting your last days to live, but the days don't matter it's how you live it. It's our choice if we're going to succumb into death or live life to the fullest and leave the people who love you memories that will be etched in their hearts forever.

I remember in Tuesday with Morrie, even though he was dying he still stayed true and positive. My favorite lines from the book were--
  • "Love is how you stay alive, even after your gone."
  • "Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live."
  • "Death ends life, not a relationship."
  • "You live on-in the hearts of everyone you have touched and nurtured while you were here."

For me, we should at least try to live our life as if it were the last days. Enjoy it, be happy, be part of people's lives even if those people were beggars on the streets, and leave a mark on the people you care about.

Lastly this is a lesson everyone should learn and I hope to teach my son some day--Never let anyone get in your way towards happiness. Hear your passion and follow it. Don't let anyone take that away from you, because that force who takes it away will control and dictate your life. From there you would not find peace and happiness. Our passion is our drive in life, it's what you'll do for the rest of your days and it will not tire you for it is what you love. No matter what your passion is, may it be simple or above all others, it doesn't matter. In this world we are all the same, it's just what we choose that make's us unique and even if that ambition is small you can make it great for it is what you truly like. So, follow your heart and live your life the way you should and indeed it will be a life filled with purpose.

"do what the buddhists do. every day, have a little bird on your shoulder that asks, ' is today the day? am i ready? am i doing all i need to do? am i being the person i want to be?' "

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  1. Hiii! Thank you for sharing your inspiring blog. I learned a lot, and I'll use your words as a lesson and my daily life inspiration. Stay safe and God Bless you and your family<3


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