Holy week '09

by - April 10, 2009

Holy week is one of the celebrations that everyone looks forward to, because it provides rest for everyone who's working or at school and simply gives us a reason to have our getaways in different provinces or places.

I on the other hand is just monotone at home and wasting the day. Its a shame actually because I haven't been to church, but successfully I have not eaten meat. We honestly don't follow that tradition of not eating meat, because my family's pure chinese and my granparents are buddhist in religion, but the other day they asked me if I would eat meat or fish, so I gladly said fish to follow the holy week traditon. I don't want to upset Jesus more by not going to church and not sacrificing my daily eating habits even for just the week. He's done so much for me, so I should to even just a bit. Tomorrow though I'm going to make up for missing church. We're going to my Wubie's parents for them to see Athan before we depart for Taiwan and they have a church beside their housem which is super awesome. At last we will be able to hear mass as a family. :)

Well, I hope everyone's holy week is going smoothly and I hope you guys have gone to mass, unlike me. Haha.

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