if things could complain they would have had a mad fit

by - April 12, 2009

If my room could only complain it would scream "UTTER DISASTER!" This week marks the beginning of my busy week-- final examinations, packing and I have 6 days till our flight. The word clutter is not very far from my room. I actually have it IN my room. I have luggages in one area then piles of things on my computer table, which makes my room look like a maze. I really do hate packing as much as my Mom does. It eats up all your time and I can't bring all of my clothes! Boo-hoo!:( Haha. Well, I have one luggage and ironic as it may sound, my son Athan has a bigger luggage than me.

The green bag on the left is mine. Yes, I managed to fit all my clothes and little shoes in there. While Athan gets the huge stroller, half of my knapsack and that box. Who knew a baby could have so many stuff?:P But yeah, I just want a vacation and this term to end already, because I'm not too fond of it. Not much friends, moody-monotone teachers and long breaks. Though I have things that I am thankful for about this term-- Thursday lunch dates with Andrea and Miggy, my Aesthetics class (where I get to paint), my funny Jose Rizal teacher and having no final exam in COMSK2X. Those I will surely miss next term, but I can't wait to move on.

Oh, I want to great my Wubie Gersh Happy 22 months!:) We've made it this far, lets hold on till forever. Love you always!

Any summer getaway plans?
Do you like packing or hate it?
Do you travel?

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