happy mommy's day!:)

by - May 11, 2009

It's my first Mother's day ever and I really am proud to be celebrating this wonderful day together with my son and fellow mothers. Who knew that being a mother could be this overwhelming. All the special attention you get from family, friends and special discounts at mall for that specific date. It's good to be a mom. :) But being a mom is definitely hard work. Who would have thought that one small baby can take up your entire day? Who would need all the attention, nurturing and love.

When my son, Athan was born I could feel the rush of being a mother with him. I had all these new responsibilites that I never had before. One was to make sure he was always breathing when he's sound asleep, two is to always wake up ever 3-4 hours every night just to feed him milk, three is to make sure he's always clean, so he wouldn't get sick, four is to comfort him whenever he's sick and five is to make sure he never gets hurt. There are more things that I encounter with him that will take up the whole space of this blog, but they don't need to be said because having him is the greatest blessing I have ever received from God. Everyone can have a child, but it takes few to fit the role of a parent and that's what I'm trying to learn right now. I'm still a beginner towards being a parent together with my hubby, but we're getting better every step of the way. Thanks to the people who helped us grow up--our parents. Without them we wouldn't survive. That's why I believe having mother's day and father's day is an honorable day for parents.

Yesterday was Mother's day and with surprise my mother gave me two designer bags as her gift to me for mother's day. It came to such a surprise because I only wanted a Fifi Lapin LesportSac and in return I got these two cool bags---

A Marc by Marc Jacobs Little Tate bag and a cute orange Agnes B. Bag. :)

I never expected the Marc Jacobs bag because at first my Mom told me that we couldn't afford it at the moment, because it was too pricey, but because it was mother's day and things we're discounted and I hold a Filipino passport, the bag was tax free!:) So, I was really fortunate to get both bags for tax free!:) Thank you, Mommy and thank you Mother's day!

We also went out to dinner for mother's day at Chilis with my Tita Gaya and Tita Beth. I really love the food of Chilis. Uber good! Especially their Quesadillas explosion salad. It was the best Mother's day celebration ever!

One of the best gifts I also received for Mother's day was a sweet e-mail from my Wubie. He never fails to greet me on special ocassions. That's why I love him, so much!:) I love Mother's day and we are all lucky to have mother's who kept us safe for 9 months and still is keeping us safe until their old.

How was your mother's day?

Did you get anything for your mom?

Are you a Mom or planning to be?

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