by - June 12, 2009

Time really does fly when you don't anticipate things too much and finally the month that my Wubie and I have been waiting for has arrived. It's officially our 2nd year anniversary and what better way to celebrate it, but on the Independence day itself. A holiday that gives everyone a day off from everything and thankfully we have that day for our anniversary. We get to go out and not be bothered by any schedules ahead of us, Which, reminds me, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO OUR BELOVED COUNTRY!:)

Two years? Not that long for some, but for us it already is, because nowadays it's hard to keep a relationship strong as the years progress and fortunately with God's blessings we are are still intact, content, in love and happy. For me a relationship can never really last without God's blessings, because he is the center of every relationship and he knows who is right for us. That's why I always pray for God's blessings everyday and thank him too, because without him I don't think we could survive the relationship. He is the center of all relationships that is what we should always remember and never forget. :)

Wubie and I celebrated our anniv, by having our traditonal Baked zitti and Lasagna dinner at Sbarro and we strolled around San Miguel by the bay to have quality time with each other. But today wasn't the only day we celebrated. Yesterday, Wubie and I already had an early celebration. We had dinner at Yoshinoya and he got me an early present for our anniversary---

He's a family man at heart
and wants to marry petunia.

Uber kyooot slot machine toys!:)

I super love slot machine toys and trinkets. I wonder when will I ever grow up?:p Haha. But, serioulsy I LOVE my presents. They are and will always be appreciated by me. Simple as they may seem, they are more than just presents, they come from the heart. :) Thank you, wubie!:-*

Wubie, I know I may not be the easiest person to deal with, especially when I have my mood swings, but I thank you for always having the patience, understanding and strong love for me even though you find me difficult at times. You have never left my side through good times and the bad times. Our love has tested rapid waters and for sure there will be more to go through, because this is just the beginning of our journey as a couple and as a family. But even though it is just the beginning I want you to know that I will be strong and will have faith in you. I want to be with you always because I love you so much, Bie and I know God will help us with every obstacle. I thank God for you and Athan everyday and I know I am very lucky to have you in my life. I hope that our relationship and love will remain strong as the years go by. I love you so much, Thank you for the simple, but great celebration and


I still owe you a gift!:p

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