by - July 21, 2009

If your a girl and you grew up practically in bookstores, then you probably know what it feels like to love stationery and stickers as a kid and maybe up to this very day you still do, because even at the age of 20 I can frankly say that my heart will always be fond of those bookstore goodies and I don't think I'll ever get tired of them. :)

Just recently I found a site that caters to stationery etc. and what make's them different from the usual bookstore items that I find is that, one, you can't find them in the usual bookstore, and second every design is carefully and skillfully drawn by graphic designer and fellow Filipina, Reg Silva.

She make's one of the cutest illustrations I have ever seen and they come in cheap prices too! I love her Cupcake bears the most, because of the different flavors/characters it has. I hope she make's more food designs!:) If you think these are nice, go grab some now and you'll surely love 'em!:)

What bookstore do you often go to?
Were you ever into stickers and stationery?
Do you eat cupcakes?

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