Free time put into good use

by - September 29, 2009

Today we didn’t have any classes and instead of bumming at home I placed my time into good use by inviting my friends Kimmie and Drea to volunteer at CSB for the relief drive and donations. They were really excited to help out which really make's me fortunate I have such good friends who not only looks after their cause, but for others as well. Also a big thanks to my blog friend who bought from KNICK KNAXX, because we started putting a good purpose for our business and made a BUY FOR A CAUSE for the ONDOY victims. Meaning all proceeds will be donated to the victims and Marian, you were our first buyer for that update, so THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting our cause!:) Because of her and Drei we were able to buy a bit more groceries for the Ondoy victims, like toiletries, canned goods, milk, rice and noodles. Drea, Kimmie and I helped too in segregating the goods by counting them for inventory and packing a little. :) Happy helpers, we are!

It was a really good feeling I tell you. I love helping and it was truly a great experience. It's true what some people said in my Twitter account that, It's enough to just sit around and Tweet about it. We should actually DO SOMETHING and when I did that today, it was absolutely rewarding to know that even just a little of your time could make a difference because you'll really feel the unity of all Filipinos. I'm glad I went to the relief drive today. It was a blessing to be there. :)

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  1. I know what you mean about not just sitting around but actually DOING something.. i'm happy that you were able to help out, Ava :) And it's cool that the funds from your online shop will go to the Ondoy Victims. That's really thoughtful of you. I'm sure all the good things you're doing will come back to you :)

  2. you are so nice, achie :)
    sana maraming tao ang ganyan ;D

  3. Aw, that's so kind of you ate ava. I wish I could've volunteered myself. Kaya lang wala akong kasama sa MAPUA eh. :))

  4. It`s really nice knowing so much people care about the others. And I agree, it feels really good helping out those in need. :)

  5. That's nice of you girls.
    helping others is really such a great feeling.. I can't wait to go home too and give some help to th0se people... Nice job sis, and brilliant idea!

  6. Aww, helping is cool!
    I wish that the Ondoy victims would recover soon :D

    Great job, Ate Ava! Haha.


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