trick or treat!

by - October 25, 2009

Halloween was never my favorite holiday nor did I consider it a holiday. I rarely noticed it because we don't widely celebrate it here in Manila, so I took no notice to it at all up until yesterday. :) After my NSTP immersion, I immediately went home to get ready with Athan and Wubie for our FIRST Halloween party courtesy of Ate Dior, Dallas and Pam. We dressed Athan up in a cutesy patootie cow costume and I know it's not scary, but CUTE! For us though, well we sticked to being casual. This day was for Athan. :)
cute cow

showing of costumes on stage

At the Halloween event, we had some free food and parading of the kids costume on stage. It was really fun. The babies were also in costume. I saw a newborn in a hot dog costume and Hermione from Harry Potter. =p But after that Athan just busily walked outside the club house because the ventriloquist wasn't very entertaining for us. However the Trick or Treating part after was super fun!:) The whole pumpkin bag of Athan was filled with candy and while walking some houses had dirty ice cream, taho and drinks in front of their houses!:) It sweet bliss and surely a great treat! I think we enjoyed more than Athan and Dallas. Haha. Walking from house to house is fun when you know you've got candies waiting for you. =p
Trick or treat!

I never knew Halloween was this fun. I hope we can do this again as a family next year. I love the treats, experience and most of all doing it with my two boys, Ate Dior and Dallas. :) Well, HAPPY HALLOWEEN, everyone!:)

Have you ever done trick or treating?
What would your costume be?
Do you like Halloween?

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  1. i've always loved Halloween even now. :)

  2. ako i never get to experience halloween parties :( siguro it'll be fun lalo na as a growing up kid. look how happy athan was!!!


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