Late post

by - November 29, 2009

Haven't done an entry in a while and what better way to update my blogspot, but with this beautiful picture. Wubie gave me these when we were having some problems in our relationship and fortunately we're doing quite alright now. :) He's really a sweet guy and I never expected to receive such a wonderful bouquet. It's been 2 years since I last received one from him and now it's bigger, bigger and amazing. Too bad they withered really fast. What i'll do is just pluck one rose and put it in our scrap book to remember it always. I love flowers because they make girls feel special. Thank you, Wubie, sorry and I love you so much!

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  1. Wow ate your hubby is super sweet naman. ^^

  2. AWWW! That's so romantic!! x3 It's true, we girls love flowers, they make us feel loved ^-^ Your hubby is such a sweetie, you're lucky dear!


    P.S. can we be blog buddies again? :) I still have your link up on Links page.

  3. Ava! :) I'm back to blogging na rin! Yay!


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