I miss you all...

by - January 31, 2010

Yesterday was the birthday of my high school friend Marie Shindo and we sorta had a mini 4-I reunion again together with a few of our batchmates. I'm always happy when I'm with these people. They never fail to bring out the noisy and whacky side of me. It's the best feeling in the world to have friends like them. No matter how far we've already gone in life, college, me having a baby and family, they have always been there for me. Through thick and thin. Without judging hearts. Just acceptance. I really love them all. Nothing beats high school friends. :)

The most random yet fun girl you could ever meet. Thank you so much for the fun night and Happy birthday again! Best wishes and good luck with college.

I'm really glad I saw Marga last night. It has been a gagillion years since I last saw her and bonding with her just made me feel like the good old days.

It's sad that we are in different schools, but I'm glad that when we see each other it's as if nothing has changed and we're still as close as ever.

Best girl friends anybody could ask for. You can always depend on them and they're truly genuine.

4-I Babies.
Missing you all again.

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  1. i miss high school too. althou i didn't have a barkada back then, i got one bestfriend but now masiado na ata sia busy so she forgot na =)) hahaha lol. it's happy to hear you had a blast ate!!

  2. I agree to that, nothing does beats high school friends, I kind of miss my friends, too :P

  3. it's actually a nice feeling, knowing true friends will never leave:)


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