Meet the new addition to the family

by - February 05, 2010

This could possibly be one of my most spontaneous acts ever. I went to Bioreaserch yesterday and got our family a turtle and his name is Shuwee!:) Among all the turtles in tank he's the one that caught my attention. He was flat on his shell and couldn't get up, I tried waiting for him to get back on his feet, but he really couldn't so I helped him and after that he just couldn't keep still! He kept crawling and crawling. So, I told myself, I want that turtle! So, there. I got him and everyone loves him! I bought him everything he needs so far, like the tank, food and rock to lay on.

I had a turtle before, but that was 4 years ago in Taiwan. he had to be given away when I went back to Manila because Mom didn't have enough time to take care of him due to work. Sadly the person whom we gave our turtle to didn't take good care of him because after a month he died. :( *sniff* That's why I'm going to make sure little Shuwee would be in good hands here and I hope he remains to be a happy critter. :)

Well, it's day 1 for our baby right now and It feels like I'm a new mom all over again. Having to watch his every move or see if he's still alive. He's cozy so far, stretching his feet in his little tank. I hope he lives for a very long time so Athan can enjoy him. For now, WELCOME TO THE FAMILY, Shuwee!

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