Happy hearts day!

by - February 14, 2010

Today I spent Valentine's day in a different way. Instead of having the usually boyfriend or couple date I asked my little boy Athan if he could be my Valentine and this morning he greeted me by asking, "KISS, KISS??" It was super sweet. So I kissed him, he said "MUAHHH!" and I told him "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!"

For our date we drove to Mall of Asia and went we got there instead of using the typical baby stroller I opted to rent a car stroller for him to enjoy since he really, really love's cars. I wanted to make him happy all through out our date and choosing the car was a great start for us.
After roaming around we decided it was time for our hearts day dinner and we picked Pancake House. Athan had the Mushroom-Cucumber soup while I had the 3 Tacos, Caesar Salad and Mango crepe for dessert. ( Yes, I ate a lot. Just doesn't look like it. =p)

I was so happy because it's not usual that Athan would eat a lot outside and he finished half of his soup before fussing to go to sleep. He slept for about 30 minutes then after dinner we headed to get a glimpse of the Pyro Olympics which officially started today. We didn't see much at the Veranda, but luckily on our drive home we did. Success!

After watching we headed for Dairy Queen and ordered one Oreo Blizzard to share. Sweet much? He looks happy in the picture because I gave him the chance to hold the cup. He was so amazed while I was feeding the both of us and he held the cup.

So, yes indeed it was a different way to celebrate hearts day, but it was really a special one for me. I got to be with my little man today on a date. So from now on if I don't have a date, I'm taking Athan. Whether he's 12, 15 or 40. It's a date! No better way of celebrating love month!


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  1. Happy Valentine's day, twin! That mango crepe looks delish! :)


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