Online activities for the nocturnal

by - February 10, 2010

I've been hard up in sleeping early lately and let's just say that my body clock is a shambles. I'm a nocturnal creature since I was a kid, so this staying up late is not a new thing for me. Though sometimes I wish I could lie down and fall asleep by 12 am at least. But no. It's quite impossible because I manage to keep myself occupied until I feel drowsy. Like now I regained my spark back for Polyvore and I'm quite hooked to it. Created two sets and I'm hoping to do more tomorrow.
Other activities that keep me preoccupied is the oh so famous Youtube. I love listening to music. It keeps me calm and happy. When I'm online I don't just do one thing, if I'm blogging assume that I'm listening to something while doing it or if I'm simply surfing I could also be listening to my current LSS. Something like this--

And lastly when Youtbe and other things bore me, I turn to Tumblr. It's my contemporary past time and I'm some what addicted to it. When I see a worthy picture to post, I immediately do. If not, I just reblog like crazy. It's fun.

But for now, I am feeling the sand man calling me, so I bid thee good morning, but good night for me!

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