Doodle Bug

by - April 15, 2010

And so I got bored during ORGACOM while waiting for my turn to have a one on one with Sir and used Kevin's iPhone to doodle on Doodle Buddy. It's
sooo Kewl. I was even shamelessly saying aloud the proper arrangement of rainbow colors while doing this...."ROYG..." and all TJ and Kevin could do was stare at me and treat me like a kid.

My original drawing was actually a Bahay Kubo with matching sun and clouds, but when I got called up by Sir to talk about my draft they used fire stamps to burn it and I had to use rain drop stamp to cover up the flames. Evil, I tell you. Evil Boys!

But yeah, even though they're evil for burning my house I'm still gonna miss them when the term ends. They have been great classmates turned into friends. Hopefully on my next term i'll meet nice people like them or even be classmates again in the future. :)

For now, I can't wait for summer and waste my time doodling on my notebook. :) To those who are already on their summer break, have a great vacation! For us, Benildeans only a few more weeks then it's freeeeedoooooom! Count down!

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