A very very un-birthday to me!

by - April 17, 2010

Since last week I have been ranting on Twitter how I'm not feeling my birthday this year or for the fact that I am not at all excited on turning 21. But I guess it's better when you expect the unexpected as they say because some times when you least expect it, you get good things in return.

Like today for example, We had my Pre-Birthday celebration at Makati. We initially were suppose to eat at Chili's due to my love for mexican food and request to Mom but when we got to Greenbelt, My family and I decided to do a spontaneous shift and chose to eat at Cibo instead and I'm glad we did because I have been craving Cibo food for the longest time and the health buff that I am could not refuse a meal such as this---

Pesto Pasta, Insalata di Mare and Spinach dip

Even Athan couldn't resist their yummy bread. He was so busy munching on his high chair. Too cute. :)

After our early dinner we decided to stroll around the mall and when Athan fell asleep on his stroller, Gersh and I went to a familiar place---

The Greenbelt garden

The place where we had our first date, the place where we often hang out when we have our weekend dates and where we also hear mass sometimes. We haven't been there for such a long time and being able to do it again surely brought back memories. Nostalgic times indeed.

Aside from catching up on the past, Gersh also treated us to our favorite Starbucks drink. A Caramel Frappuccino and Basic Black Sweetened Iced tea. It was the cherry on top of our wonderful afternoon. :)

This wasn't the most extravagant birthday or the most well planned birthday I've ever had but all I can say is that I was happy and I spent it with the two people I care about the most. That already makes celebrating my day worth while. :) Now I just can't wait for Wednesday and blow out my candles and officially begin a new year once again, but this time I'm no longer TWENTEEN but TWENTY-ONE.

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  1. Thats so sweet =) Happy happy birthday ava! :) athan is the cutest!! :)

  2. belated happy birthday, achi ava! well, i really see that you had a good one! :D hope you'd have a great year ahead of you! :)

    p.s: i already changed my Blogger URL so, i really hope you'd visit my page! :)


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