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by - April 13, 2010

Whenever I'm stressed, unhappy or just simply bored I usually just take my doodle notebook out of my bag, together with my huge pencil case filled with colored pens and doodle my cares away. There are times when I think I try too hard or force myself to draw and I end up with a very bad outcome, but whenever it comes naturally to me, I always end up being pleased with my work.

Like this doodle---
I made this yesterday during my ORGACOM class and finished it when I got home from school. I was feeling really blue and doing what I love pretty much lifted the weight. I honestly felt happy again. The colors are sea green and pink. My favorite colors and they seem refreshing on the eyes, plus the song "Hey Soul Sister" by Train has been replay on my playlist so I figured why not? I guess in short my doodles' an outburst of happiness and one of my favorites so far. :)

Other doodles that I've done so far are--

My Page One notebook "ICHIGO" is half full and I really am glad I bought it and managed to tear only 2 pages so far instead of my usual rip here and rip there attitude. I learned to finish what I started and be content with it. Plus I can't wait to get another ICHIGO II once my pages are all filled up. :) I'll post more pictures if I finish my other drawings or have more new ideas. :) For now, off to doodling again!

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  1. I really envy people who have ideas like those. Really, it's a gift :)

    Sorry I haven't been visiting. My PC crashed, but it's fine now

  2. Cool 8) You're great!


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