Gotta put on my birthday suit...not!

by - April 01, 2010

It's already the month of April and how fast time flies. As in super fly! It's as if only yesterday I turned TWENTEEN and now I'm turning TWENTY ONE. (okay, not saying TWENTEEN ONE that would seem trying hard already, like my classmate TJ would say..=p) So, yeah. I feel really old. I miss being 17. I enjoyed that age very much but I guess I have to face the music and just count thy blessings instead of worrying about getting old. After all, I'm still in my twenties. This is the time that I should and would want to accomplish great things and be successful in life, right?

Anyhoo, since this is my birth month, I have the privilege of spilling my wants on my birthday even if they don't all come true. I believe having a wish list just adds more fun to it, so here it goes:
  • I'm a sucker for owls and accessories, so combine them together they're perfect. Saw a gorgeous laser cut owl necklace at JUST G. Planning to get it on Monday.
  • There's a newly opened nail salon called "BEAUTY AND BUTTER" Been wanting to try that out since last month. First Nail Art, maybe?
  • Plus, I can't always go to the nail salon, so I figured I need nail polish at home, but I'm quite tired of my staple RED color so switching to Pastels--THE FACE SHOP.
  • I love Mexican food so Chilis or Mexicali, please?:D
  • A new bag from MNG to carry around school or when I go out. Multipurpose!
  • I'm more of Little Ms. Comfortable, so Red Keds sneakers!
  • I love doodling lately, so New Stabilo colored markers and pens would be love.
  • Lastly, new clothes from MNG or JUST G!

Whew! A lot ba?? My birthday is still 20 days from now anyway!=p Calling all friends and loved ones! I'm Just kidding!!!

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