Conert for a Cause

by - March 29, 2010

Last friday I spent the first day of my weekend in a useful way by attending DBTC's Concert for a cause event. It was for Gersh's high school batchmate Unick Domingo who has been in a car accident and needs to have a surgery that is a bit steep on the pocket, that's why Gersh's batchmates planned this concert to help him in their own little way.

Gersh and his band MANAHA was one of the bands that played for the Cause and it was their first ever gig as a band and the first time I saw them play. To be honest not being bias or anything being a more international music fan, I actually think Gersh's band did really great for their first gig. I love how they played original songs, all written by Gersh and how flawless the beat and tempo was. I mean, if you watched you wouldn't think it was their first gig. Seeing how the people reacted I think aside from The Ambassadors and Urbandub, they're the 3rd most favorite of the crowd. I give them two thumbs up for the originality, amazing performance and how the band clearly loved what they were doing. Too bad I can't upload a video of them here but If you wanna see them play, click here.

Aside from being mesmerized by Manaha, I also found myself completely in love with Urbandub. I was never a fan until last friday. I never knew how amazing they were. I guess it just goes to show I need to pay more attention to local bands that I do with international ones. They played Evidence, A call to arms, Guillotine and Soul Searching. I am in awe with Gabby Alipe and Lalay Lim. Hands down.

The night was ended simply by having a very late dinner at Jollibee and being happy on how successful Manaha's first gig was and being able to do it for a good cause. :) Great job, Manaha and more Gigs to come!

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  1. You must be one proud girlfriend, Ava! :) OMG URBANDUB! I love that band! I also like the Ambassadors, but it's been awhile since I last saw them play live! Katuwa naman, didn't know Gersh was part of a band, astig! He's really talented :)


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