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by - April 08, 2010

April oh, April your days are sure coming fast. I can feel my birthday dawning on me in just two weeks and I'm not even sure if I'm excited about turning 21 at 21, but aside from that, April also spells summer fun and when it's summer there are sure to be great things on the rack that would tickle any girls fancy.

Like last Monday when I went to Megamall to get myself new nail polish colors from The Face Shop and looking at the nail polish stand I was really pleased to see a good set of pastels at only Php 95 each and luckily got myself the sea green one and the last of the yellow pastel bottle---

YL703 & GR503

And today I went to school with my newly painted yellow nails. It's funny though that the first person who noticed was the LRT ticket guy. Our short conversion went something like this---

ME: Dalawang stored value po... Two Stored Value tickets, please..
KUYA: (smiles..) Nakakatuwa naman yan... :) That's amusing... :)
ME: (thinking it was my panda wallet..smiles) Ay, Panda! Thank you!:)
KUYA: Hindi, yung... (points at his own nails..) Nope, your...
ME: Oooohhh!! Hehehe Yes, Yellow!=p

It's odd coming from an old guy but yet it made me feel like me using such a bright color wasn't so silly after all. Because usually I'm the kind of girl that easily backs out when I think I seem too different from the crowd or if people will stare at me like I have dirt on my face, but today I realized that it's fun being different. :) Whether people compliment you or find you ridiculous, it's still awesome to follow what you love and make's you stand out from the rabble. ;)

So lesson learned, always follow what you think is awesome and don't be a clone of someone that doesn't scream YOU or limits your personality. In short, EXPRESS YOURSELF!:) Whether it be a beaming color of yellow nail polish or a true blue fashionista just be unique and let the streets be your runway. ;)

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  1. It was ages ago when I painted my nails yellow. Haha!

    Yellow nails looks good on you. ;)

    Happy birthday! Age is just a number, girl :D

  2. what a coincidence! mom bought me the same nail polish yesterday and i’m wearing it right now but mine looks really bad. hahaha..

  3. WAH! :D I also have that same yellow and blue shades from faceshop--bought just for summer too! :D cute!! =)


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